Bespoke personalised wedding stationery from Wedding Gems

Creating bespoke, personalised
wedding stationery just for you...
From save the date cards to personalised wedding websites
and just about everything inbetween

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Bespoke personalised wedding stationery

Bespoke, personalised wedding stationery
that says so much about you…

We really love personalised wedding invitations – they're so much more memorable and meaningful, creating a real sense of occasion.

From the crisp, clean elegance of a formal invitation to lovingly-crafted and highly individual…
We love them all. Whenever we receive one it will adorn our mantelpiece for all our friends to see until the big day.

Your wedding invitation creates the first impression for your wedding guests. It's the invite landing on the doormat that sparks the buzz of excitement that will build to the big day.

Personalised wedding stationery keeps the excitement alive – both for the recipient and for you.
Our job is simple… to help you create mantelpiece-hogging invitations and stationery that everyone will love!

You can chose from 2 styles of wedding invitation – the classic printed style or handmade to match your other wedding accessories. Both will be finished to an exquisite standard and completely personalised to match your style and taste.

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"Something to
keep forever!"

Teresa Dillon

"I just wanted to let you know that the Wedding Box and Baby Memory Boxes went down a treat, Christie and Jay were over the moon to have personalized Photo Albums, Guest Book and a Memory Box to store all their wedding memories.
The Baby Boxes are so cute and something to keep forever.

Best of luck in the future with your venture and we would recommend you for all occasions."


"It's lovely to be
able to give such
a personal gift"

Karin Morgan

"I have recently purchased some Photo Albums for friends who have had babies, they look great and are professional, original and unique. My friends both thanked me with high praise for these personal gifts, one went to the USA.

Also gave a Wedding Guest Book to my sister in law and her new husband, she was so pleased because I was able to give Wedding Gems some of the ribbon used for her invites and it tied in perfectly with her colour scheme.

It's lovely to be able to give such a personal gift."